Dutch club opens up

There are many Dutch residents living and working in the Algarve. Dutch people pride themselves on being creative and dynamic when it comes to business.

The Algarve’s Dutch population operates many of the region’s most successful restaurants, garden centres and real estate businesses, and is active in import and distribution, in the medical sector, and so on. There is even a world famous laser eye clinic and several outstanding dental surgery clinics in the Algarve, each run by Dutch doctors.

Despite their outstanding commitment to business, Dutch people are also very keen on socialising. Consequently, a few years ago, an association for Dutch residents in the Algarve was formed, which now has 1,200 members.

The Dutch Association (NCA) aims to create a large platform where all members and friends can meet each other and, to this end, there are many activities on the agenda – including plenty of opportunities for dining, socialising, exchanging information and discussions. One of the key words in the association is ‘synergy’.

As there is no Flemish association in the Algarve, several Belgians have joined the Dutch Association. Now, after consulting existing members, the NCA has decided to ‘enlarge’ the NCA to officially include Belgian and Flemish members. This is why the NCA has changed its name and became the Nederlandstalige Club Algarve, which literally means ‘the club for all Dutch and Flemish speaking residents’.

Annual maty party

Fishing is very important for the Dutch economy. Two of the country’s world famous products are mussels from Zeeland and specially prepared young herring, called ‘maatjes’ (or maty in English).

Every year, there are big maty parties all over Holland, usually held in May or June, after the first young herring is caught. Tradition dictates that one eats the whole maty in one go, followed by a Dutch jenever (quetch). This is a real culinary delicacy and one that can be sampled at the NCA’s maty party on June 20 in the Hotel Montechoro in Albufeira, starting at 2pm.

And, as this is an important event for the Belgian-Flemish community in the Algarve, the Belgian Ambassador and the Flemish Economic Representative will attend the party. For more information, contact the NCA President Hub Hendriks by e-mail: [email protected], Tel 289 572 385 or fax 289 571 741.