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Duo-Thermo providing a unique heating system

Duo-Thermo has been established in Portugal since 1998, acting as the representative and installer of a unique heating system.

The system involves a natural stone which acts as a heat accumulator combined with a glass plate with electrical resistance which is developed and patented in Germany.

The Duo-Thermo heating system brings together comfort and aesthetic, which makes it easy to integrate the system in any interior decorative style.

As it is a radiation-based heating system with infrared rays identical to the sun beams, it means there is a thermal comfort while simultaneously avoiding the increase of household dust and conserving the natural humidity of the air.

Some of the system’s advantages are the low energy consumption, simple and fast installation, maintenance free, no room for equipment required, ideal for treating and preventing respiratory diseases.

After many years of experience, including studies and certificates from recognised institutions, the system is of very high quality and safety, and can satisfy the needs of each and every one of their clients.

In order to satisfy all customer demands, the product range of Duo-Thermo also includes invisible heating block installation, electric floor heating, outside infrared heater, mirror heater and electric towel holder.

For these very reasons, the Duo-Thermo systems are considered to be the heating system of the future.

For more information, please visit www.duo-thermo.com call 289 360636 or email [email protected]