Drunken Irish holidaymakers fake fire in Albufeira hotel

A group of drunken Irish tourists are in hot water over a stupid prank that led to a false fire alarm at Albufeira’s Varandas hotel on Saturday night (May 7).

The revellers let off a fire extinguisher fooling the hotel’s staff into calling for help, and then “laughed” as they “filmed” the moment firefighters arrived and realised nothing was wrong.

Furious firefighters have called the incident “abusive and offensive” and filed a criminal complaint against the group.

A source for Albufeira fire station said “four vehicles and 13 firefighters” were needlessly dispatched on a night when Portugal was under “yellow alert” due to severe weather.

GNR police have identified the tourists, writes Correio da Manhã, though it is unclear how much longer they are expected to stay in Portugal or if they will indeed face any immediate punishment.

Violence in Oura

On the same night, three British tourists were injured – one of them ending up unconscious – in separate brawls in the town.

A witness told CM that a fight broke out between two groups on the infamous Oura strip that “appeared to be drunk”.

One of the Brits, aged 36, was taken to Faro Hospital unconscious, while another, aged 25, was treated at Albufeira’s basic emergency unit.

Both sustained head injuries and “could not explain, with clarity, what had happened,” CM reports.

A second incident happened on Albufeira’s Rua do Município where a third British tourist was treated by firemen after apparently being attacked.

The 36-year-old is reported to have “refused to go to hospital”.

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