Drunken Brit forces plane to land in Faro on New Year’s Day

A British man who was reportedly drunk and behaving in an “abusive and boisterous way” forced a Transavia flight from Eindhoven in the Netherlands to be diverted to Faro Airport on New Year’s Day.

The plane’s pilot called for help from police after the man started behaving increasingly aggressively towards other passengers and crew members.

A spokeswoman for the airline told the UK’s Mail that the crew had increasing difficulties to keep the man in check during the flight and were even forced to enlist the help of other passengers.

A passenger who witnessed the tussle said: “He was pushed forward and overpowered by crew members and passengers, secured with cable ties and laid on the ground.”

The pilots decided to divert the plane, which was headed for Tenerife in Spain, to Faro Airport in order to hand the man over to police.

The drunken man was reportedly taken off the plane by Portuguese police to “loud cheers and clapping from the rest of the passengers.”

The spokeswoman said that the aircraft then continued its journey to Tenerife.