Drunken Belgian tourists taser party-goers

Drunken Belgian tourists taser party-goers

New Year celebrations in Lisbon took a bizarre twist for two young revellers who found themselves “tasered” for no apparent reason by a pair of drunk Belgian tourists.

The 19-year-old boy and 17-year-old girl were attacked at 2.45am on New Year morning near Rossio.

According to news reports, police caught up with the Belgians, aged 23 and 24, and found them in possession of the “electric pistol”, more commonly known as a taser.

Although designed to stun people resisting arrest, tasers have been known to kill those with weak hearts, a high level of drugs in their systems, or when the high-voltage charge has been administered too close to victim’s heart.

Tasers are “illegal”, so it is not known how the Belgian tourists came to be in possession of one over New Year in Portugal.