Faro court
Surprise, surprise, no passenger turned up in Faro to answer charges of disobedience and disorderly behaviour

Drunk, aggressive airline passenger fails to appear before Faro magistrates

Polish passenger was arrested on Friday for disorderly behaviour on Ryanair flight to Canary Islands

A passenger arrested on Friday at Faro airport for disorderly behaviour on board a flight travelling between the UK and the Canary Islands did not appear in court, a police source has told Lusa today.

A source for PSP public security police said the passenger – of Polish nationality and originally travelling in a group – flouted the terms of his bail.

The man was arrested inside the aircraft – which had diverted to Faro airport due to the disturbance on board.

After talking with flight attendants, officers identified eight passengers who had been causing a disturbance – namely shouting and banging repeatedly on the doors of the cabin luggage racks, as well as drinking alcohol and “ignoring the instructions given by the flight crew”.

The aircraft captain asked for the men to be removed, which PSP police ensured happened. Seven of the eight “left without resistance” but one “adopted a hostile and aggressive behaviour, refusing to leave and repeatedly disobeying the orders given to him”, and so was manhandled out of the aircraft “with the use of physical force”, and duly arrested for disobedience, resistance and coercion of an official.

The man was released to appear before magistrates on Monday.

His friends were understood to have all taken a bus to Seville on the Friday, and then potentially an onward flight to their intended destination, which is very possibly what this man will have done once he was released from police custody.

This is not the first time people arrested for unruly behaviour on airplanes, and in other circumstances, end up becoming ‘no shows’ in court, and very possibly scratching Portugal off their list of ‘go to’ destinations. ND

Source material: LUSA