Drugs syndicate murdered gang member

POLICE HAVE arrested five alleged drug traffickers who murdered a member of their syndicate and kept his body in an Albufeira apartment.

Authorities believe that the dead man, 38-year-old Mike Ahern, had been withholding the proceeds of cocaine sales from the other dealers, prompting their decision to murder him. His body was then dismembered in a rented apartment in Orada (Albufeira).

Ahern, a member of the gang that had links in Ireland, Spain, England, Germany and Portugal, was being pressured by his accomplices to hand over money. Police believe that he had refused and had threatened to abandon the syndicate. But, according to a police source, the gang needed fresh money in order to go in search of a cargo of cocaine in Seville. For this reason, they decided to kill Ahern.

Last Thursday (September 15), around 11pm, Ahern was abducted near Lagos, bundled into the back of a dark blue BMW car and viciously beaten. Somewhere between Lagos and Albufeira, he was executed with four shots to the head, fired from different weapons. In apartment C002 in Orada, they froze Ahern’s body in a refrigerated trunk before dismembering it and disposing of it in plastic bags. Gang members then handed over his head to the leader of the drugs cartel.

The members of the Portuguese branch of the drugs cartel had been living in the Algarve for some time, renting different houses in order to avoid suspicion. Police from various countries had been tracking the international movements of the cartel. The Polícia Judiciária in Portugal were monitoring the Algarve branch of the ring, an operation that led to the rapid arrest of the criminals.

The five individuals now in custody, four Irishmen and an Englishman, are described as extremely dangerous. The victim, Michael Ahern, was believed to be equally dangerous, under investigation in the Irish Republic for drug trafficking and alleged involvement in a journalist’s death.