Drugs disappear

POLICE ARE investigating the disappearance of an envelope containing cocaine and heroin that was seized by the Albufeira Traffic Brigade of the GNR on Saturday.

The drug pack was taken from two men who were driving on the EN125 near Guia, Albufeira, and the police estimate that it would be sufficient for about 600 individual doses.

Rui Fernandes, a commander from Albufeira Traffic Brigade, commenting after the drug was taken into the police safekeeping, told Correio da Manhã on Wednesday that “only after the internal inquiry that is underway will we be able to understand what happened”.

According to the same spokesman, the drugs seized were allegedly left in the custody of a GNR agent to be locked up at the brigade’s headquarters.

He didn’t reveal, however, if the disappearance happened before or after reaching the safe.

The two men who were detained were immediately taken to court and are now in preventive custody awaiting trial.

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