Drugs crackdown in Loulé

POLICE IN Loulé recently carried out a major undercover operation resulting in the arrest of three Cape Verde nationals, aged 23, 32 and 41, and the seizure of 1,500 doses of heroin.

The raid took place in Vale Judeu, following a lengthy investigation that was initiated in a bid to thwart the worrying crime wave that has been sweeping the area. In addition to the heroin, the police also confiscated 2,500 euros in cash, six 32-calibre weapons, mobile phones and various products and equipment used to prepare drugs for sale.

The GNR also charged three Portuguese citizens, aged between 27 and 35, for possession of drugs, one of whom was found carrying 17 doses of cocaine. In addition, two 25 year olds were arrested for drug dealing when police found them in possession of 30 doses of heroin.

In total, 37 officers were involved in the operation that also led to the identification of 40 drug addicts in the Loulé area.

Of the three Cape Verdians arrested in the major bust, one is in prison awaiting trial and the two accomplices have been placed under house arrest.