Drug trio arrested

TWO BRITISH citizens and one German have been arrested in Barão de São João, Lagos, on suspicion of growing cannabis.

Three cannabis plantations were found and a total of 27 plants weighing around 23 kilos were seized. The three suspects, aged 32, 37 and 54, were present in court for a preliminary hearing but were later released. Police are investigating the case and the suspects must inform the authorities if they move or leave the country.

Each suspect told the court that the cannabis plants were cultivated for therapeutic reasons and were for personal use.

The plants were found growing in each of the suspects’ gardens, in remote parts of Lagos. The seizures were conducted by seven GNR officers from Portimão and there were also officers present from the Judicial Police.

One Briton was said to have been caught with cannabis plants weighing nearly 14 kilos, while the other had grown 1.9 kilos and the German had nine plants, weighing more than seven kilos.

Since the beginning of this year, Portimão GNR has seized around 150 cannabis plants weighing 60 kilos during 12 operations and eight suspects have been arrested.

Portimão GNR continues to monitor the area and plans to carry out more inspections of properties.

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