Drug lord arrested in Quarteira

GNR police scored a major hit on the Algarve’s drug trafficking market last week by arresting a 36-year-old Portuguese believed to be “one of the region’s main hashish dealers”.

Described as a “clothing industry businessman”, the man was apparently caught red-handed selling drugs in Quarteira on May 31.

Two alleged buyers were also arrested, as well as another man found in the process of police house searches.

During the searches, police confiscated a large number of items, including over 80,000 individual doses of hashish, three vehicles, many weapons and over €11,000 in cash.

GNR Faro’s district command said the suspected dealer is understood to have smuggled large amounts of hashish into the Algarve in order to sell it on to other dealers throughout the region and beyond.

The man is understood to have used a caravan – parked in a garage in Quarteira – to store most of his drugs.