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Drug investigation has successful end

Following a five-month investigation, police special branch in Faro arrested seven Portuguese men last week on suspicion of drug trafficking in the region.

The criminal investigation squadron began raids on the homes of seven suspected drug dealers on Thursday at around 1pm. All seven men were arrested at their homes.

The special branch, composed of around 50 investigators, had been following the group’s movements for around five months and, when the raids were carried out and arrests made, money, weapons and drugs, among other items, were confiscated.

Among the items seized were 4,000 euros, 1,300 individual doses of cocaine, 7,000 doses of heroin, three firearms with ammunition, seven mobile phones, a walkie-talkie, jewellery and a machete.

The police released a statement, which said that the men were arrested without serious resistance or incident taking place. The men, aged between 28 and 48, were interrogated by police and in court the following day for their preliminary hearing, where they were charged and remanded in custody.

It is likely that there will be more arrests as the investigation continues, according to a spokesperson for the police.

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