Drug-fuelled brawl ends in fatal Porto stabbing

Drug-fuelled brawl ends in fatal Porto stabbing

A 27-year-old man was stabbed in the chest, allegedly by a life-long friend, following a late-night ‘rave-party’ in Celorico de Basto, near Porto, which broke up in the early hours of Sunday morning.

The pair are believed to have got into “an argument about nothing” as they drove home, both allegedly well over the alcohol limit.

Francisco Cunha, 21, is described as the boyfriend of his victim’s sister.

How Vítor Estebainha came to be stabbed in the chest, close to his heart, is now under investigation, but according to an exclusive report by Correio da Manhã, Cunha has been arrested and “confessed to the crime”.

Emergency medical teams and firemen are reported to have worked on Estebainha for “more than half-an-hour” before declaring him dead at the scene – a football pitch by the side of the road on which the group had been travelling.

CM claims the knife used to stab Estebainha was a kitchen knife that his assailant had been “carrying in his pocket”.

It was then thrown into scrubland beside the football pitch, to be later recovered by police.

With Francisco Cunha due to appear before magistrates this morning, CM reports that murders in Portugal are “slightly down” on figures for previous years.

2015 saw 142 cases – five less than the year before – almost all of which were committed by people “close to their victims”. Only 11 ‘random killings’ were reported last year – that is murders by someone with no relationship to their victim.

Twenty-nine were committed in a so-called “marital context”, 22 by family members and 53 by neighbours or “people known by the victims”.

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