Police swoop on drug-dealing duo (Drug dealing duo caught red-handed by GNR police in Fuseta).

Drug dealing duo caught red-handed by GNR police in Fuseta

Fuseta || A two-month investigation by GNR police came up trumps this week when two men were caught red-handed selling drugs in Fuseta.
A search of the men’s homes also revealed “2,172 individual doses of hashish, 1,565 of heroine and 13 of cocaine” as well as a total of €9,104 in cash.
Other items believed to be used for or obtained from the duo’s drug dealing wereconfiscated, including digital scales, cell phones, an assortment of items in gold, two cars and a motorbike.
Both men, aged 30 and 45, have police records and now await court appearances.
Their arrests are considered a “huge blow” to Fuseta’s drug supply network, which has now brought a sense of “security and tranquility” to the eastern Algarve area, said a press release put out by the GNR’s Faro District Command.