Drug bust in Praia da Luz

AN ENGLISH man and a Portuguese woman were arrested last Tuesday (October 9) on the A2, in Setúbal, on suspicion of drug trafficking. A large amount of drugs was later seized from their house in Praia da Luz.

The couple were arrested at a petrol station in Alcácer do Sal by a special drug task force of Sintra police for allegedly drug trafficking the party drug, ecstasy, and its pure form, MDMA, in various nightclubs around the country.

Police believe the couple left their house in Praia da Luz and spent last weekend in Santarém, central Portugal, where they are alleged to have sold drugs in various nightclubs.

They then spent last Monday in Mafra, north of Lisbon, and were on their way back to the Algarve the following day. They were followed by police officers for the latter part of their journey and when they stopped at the service station, at around 6pm, in a Vauxhall with British registration, police took the opportunity to arrest them.

The British man had allegedly hidden ecstasy pills in the car prior to his arrest. He initially denied the allegations of drug trafficking and allowed police to search the property in Praia da Luz.

It is believed that police seized around a kilogramme of pure MDMA, which in this form is rarely found in great quantities and which is used to produce ecstasy pills and methamphetamines in laboratories.

Police also confiscated nearly 3,000 ecstasy pills, 87 doses of hallucinogenic drug LSD, hashish, cannabis and 900 euros from the property.

Police refused to confirm the identities of the couple.

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