Drought could affect quality of Portuguese wine

IF THE rain fails to continue over the coming weeks, the quality of this year’s grape harvest could suffer. After weeks without rainfall, farmers were delighted to see the first drops of rain recently, but worries about the condition of the vines are not over yet.

Manuel Coutinho of the Quinta de Mosteirô winery in Régua commented that “vines need humidity” and the general consensus of opinion among the country’s producers is that a continued dry spell will hamper the production of good quality wine. They hope, however, that “everything will be resolved” by the continuation of the recent rainfall.

On a more positive note, the country’s wine producers enjoyed a little diversion from their crop concerns recently with the staging of Essência do Vinho in Porto, the country’s premier fair for the sale and promotion of wine. More than 10,000 visitors attended the fair that brings together more than 160 producers from Portugal and abroad under one roof. Due to its success, organisers hope to bring the event to Lisbon in the near future.