Driving me mad

Dear Editor

A bouquet of flowers with a wasp in the middle – a tribute to the kind understanding and tolerant ladies at the IMTT office and the advice centre over the market in Faro.

I needed to renew my Portuguese driving licence and applied well before the renewal date. My visit to the centre on the top floor of the market was a revelation and a pleasure with courteous and efficient help.

My new driving licence would be through in two months but in the meantime I was given a paper which allowed me to drive but, and here is the sting, only in Portugal!

Quite why such a restriction is imposed on the holder of an EU licence I cannot imagine and no-one seemed to know.

Because I want to drive in Spain and France I went to the IMTT office down the road from the market and was assisted by a very pleasant lady to fill in a form to apply for an international driving licence which cost 24 euros.

This new licence lasts one year and allows me to drive anywhere.

The answer, therefore, is to apply early and make sure your doctor certifies you as fit to drive or tow a trailer as per your licence and if necessary get an immediate international licence!

Keith Wilson, Olhão