Driving in Portugal

Dear Editor,

I am amazed at the driving skills I have seen in my seven years here in the Algarve – or lack of them.

I cannot believe the Portuguese School of Driving has in its Curriculum, such teachings as…

If you have a rosary or crucifix hanging from your rear view mirror you can 1) overtake on blind bends, 2) the brow of a hill, 3) or whenever you like even if something is coming the other way, they have brakes and steering wheels and will keep out of your way.

The indicator: Don’t use as it is dangerous to take one hand off the steering wheel to use it, and as you know where you are going, why should you let any other driver know? Or do it in a more exciting method, overtake then stop to turn off. It really does check out the emergency brake technique of the guy you just over taken.

So it was no surprise last Friday, when we see the first rains of the winter, numerous bumper to bumper accidents, where drivers were still hanging off the bumper of the car in front and expecting to be able to stop in the wet as easy as they can in the dry.

Just because you have a metal box around you, you are not indestructible and a car in the wrong hands is a lethal weapon, so just give yourself a bit more time to enjoy your journey and be a little more courteous to your fellow road users.

Len Beard