Driving in Portugal

Dear reader,

I read the report about the tragic accident on the A22 near Boliqueime (click here), but obviously the cause of the accident will be determined by the authorities.

The article by Anthony Beachey (in last week’s edition) cited that “new” technology will reduce these incidents!

I’m sorry, but in a country where many older drivers have not sat a driving test, where there is no formal eyesight test, then add to this the high proportion of inherently bad driving practices amongst the population, all the technology in the world will not reduce the dangers present while driving in Portugal!

I have driven in many countries in Europe and beyond for over 30 years and still find the high proportion of “bad” drivers in Portugal unacceptably high.

The police (PSP) and the GNR are concerned only in stopping people ad hoc to check paperwork etc and issuing fines to those in default. The vehicle “test” is a joke (ask any expat)!

People with little or no money are hardly going to rush out and buy a state-of-the-art “smart/driverless” car and resolve these issues. There are countless cars on the Algarve’s roads without working lights or even wiper blades.

There needs to be a complete revision of the transport needs in Portugal from top to toe.

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