Drivers “travelling without justification” denied entry into Portugal in Castro Marim

Portugal’s new restrictions on mobility have brought the number of ‘frontier crossings’ between Portugal and Spain permanently open down to eight, one of them being Castro Marim in the Algarve.

But while most people have been following recommendations, there are still some who try to travel between the two countries without justification.

Such was the case with two drivers of German vehicles who were denied entry to Portugal in Castro Marim on Sunday (January 31) just as TVI news channel was at the scene reporting on the new border restrictions.

“People are aware of the restrictions,” border control authority (SEF) spokesperson Fernando Júnior told TVI, adding that the strict travel rules in place in Andalusia are in the main being respected and reflect the low number of drivers appearing at the border.

Speaking to SIC on the same day, the SEF spokesperson added that movement at the border has been “reduced to a minimum”, with cargo vehicles accounting for most of the crossings.

The new restrictions on mobility essentially aim to limit travel only to what is essential (click here).

Exceptions cover citizens who live abroad (and want to get home), those transporting mail or merchandise, humanitarian journeys, emergencies, work commitments and family reunions with a close family member (all of which have to be proved).

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