Drivers in the ditch

Reader Suzy Turner sent in this photograph of a hole in the road near the Serra e Mar complex near Portimão, which grew deeper following the weekend’s heavy rain and caused several tyres to burst on Monday morning.

Suzy said: “We were driving down the road near Serra e Mar when suddenly we heard a bang and the tyre was blown! We pulled over opposite Serra e Mar main entrance and there was already a woman parked there, who had had the same experience. Then, within 10 minutes, there were another six or seven cars pulled over, all with punctures,” said Suzy, former Editor of The Resident Group magazines.

“The GNR arrived about 20 minutes later to register the incidents. The hole had been dug up a few days earlier and it clearly had not been put ‘back’ very well and all the rain at the weekend caused it to sink incredibly fast. Later, the Câmara were there filling it with dirt!”

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