Drivers beware: Police investigate fake parking-ticket scam in Portimão

Drivers are being warned about a fake parking-ticket scam in Praia da Rocha and Ferragudo.

At least two people have reported returning to their vehicle and finding an envelope with a parking ticket inside left on their cars, even though their car was not parked illegally.

PSP police and municipal company EMARP have confirmed they did not issue the tickets, and an investigation is underway to identify the scammers.

The case was reported on ‘Portimão Sempre’, a popular Facebook group among Portimão residents.

Mário Afonso explained that he found the ticket on his car after leaving work in Praia da Rocha.

It said the car had been unduly parked and demanded the payment of €5.70 in the next 15 days, adding that a €30-€150 fine could be charged if the payment was not completed before the deadline.

The ticket could be paid for either by ATM or a Payshop.

“I was surprised, because my car was well-parked,” he wrote.

Confused as to why the ticket had been left there, Afonso queried PSP police and EMARP, neither of which had issued the ticket. He was even advised by EMARP not to pay.

Another driver has since reported the same thing happening to her in Ferragudo.

Meantime, EMARP has issued a statement on its website confirming that the phoney tickets are not being left by the company or PSP police.

It advises drivers that find these tickets to report the case to police.

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