Drivers at risk on A5 linking Lisbon-Cascais

Six incidents since August of large stones being thrown from overhead bridge

Drivers on the A5 motorway, linking Lisbon with Cascais, have been targetted since August by someone, or some people, throwing large stones from an overhead bridge. 

The six incidents in the last few months have caused major damages to vehicles, but miraculously, no one has been hurt. 

One eye witness has stressed that “a metre further, and one young lad in a Dacia would have been killed as the stone would have gone straight through the windscreen …”

As far as accounts go, the stones (weighing several kilos) have all been dropped from an overhead bridge at km 19 (by the Bicesse-Estoril exit).

A total of eight cars have suffered damages. Motorcyclists also talk of having been targetted.

GNR police assure they have stepped up patrols of the area, in a bid to ward off any further attacks.

The A5 motorway is ‘short’ (25 kms) but one of the busiest in the Greater Lisbon area, used by an average of around 100,000 cars per day.

The attacks appear to have all happened at night.

Correio da Manhã reports that the victims of an attack on December 22 are hoping to get compensation from insurers of motorway concession holder Brisa. ND

Source: Correio da Manhã