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Driver on the wrong track

A Portuguese motorist nearly made a fatal wrong turn last Monday as he drove 500 metres down a metro track in a tunnel in Porto.

The man, in his early 50s, was driving alone in his car when he entered the tunnel on a ramp, usually used only by emergency services. He then drove over 500 metres down the track before realising where he was.

After informing the emergency services of his location, metro operators were forced to stop all services in the area while they ensured the vehicle was removed from the tunnel and clear of the tracks.

The motorist didn’t suffer any injuries or damage to his car, however the incident is being investigated further as authorities are keen to discover why the driver took such an unorthodox route.

No major delays resulted from the incident and metro services returned to normal by late afternoon.

The metro system in Porto is one of the largest in the country and transports over 34 millions passengers each year.