Driver in A22 bus crash believed to have suffered stroke

The A22 motorway bus crash which left six people injured yesterday is believed to have been caused by a stroke suffered by the bus driver.

GNR police sources have confirmed that passengers reported that the bus driver “felt unwell” before the crash.

The accident happened at kilometre 36 in Alcantarilha (Silves) in the direction of Faro-Lagos at around 10am.

The bus, carrying 26 passengers, hit the motorway’s traffic barrier, which is believed to have prevented the vehicle from overturning and causing more serious injuries.

Five passengers – a 55-year-old Indian woman, a 31-year-old Indian woman, a 24-year-old Sao Tomean woman, a 14-year-old Ukrainian child and a 51-year-old Portuguese man – who were sat at the rear end of the bus sustained minor injuries after being hit with glass from a broken window and were taken to Portimão Hospital, along with the bus driver.

The bus passengers who were unharmed were taken away from the crash site in other vehicles.

The crash caused traffic delays on the motorway as traffic was restricted to one lane.

By Michael Bruxo
[email protected]