Drinking “in the street” after 2am faces new ban

The government is proposing a ban on the consumption of alcohol in the street after 2am. Also on the list of new ‘no-no’s’ will be the sale of alcohol of any kind to youngsters under the age of 18. These latest measures were announced by secretary of state for health Fernando Leal da Costa at the 4th TSF/AbbVie conference in Lisbon dedicated to “Sustainability in Health”.

As Costa explained, right now the law prohibits under-18s from buying spirits – but it allows them to buy beer and wine.

The decision to change this – taking beer and wine out of the equation for everyone under-18 – has been taken following a study undertaken by SICAD, the body that looks into addictive behaviour and dependencies.

Costa told the conference that SICAD’s recommendations had the full support of youngsters and professionals who had taken part in the study.

SICAD’s study found that despite the current drinking laws, young people were still drinking too much, long into the early hours – very often in the vicinity of “establishments that sell alcoholic drinks”.

Any new law is likely to get the full backing of residents who live in the vicinity of bars and nightspots – particularly where revellers are known to take their drinks out in to the street long after the bars have closed.