Drink-drive Jehovah’s witness fails to wriggle out of blood test

A Jehovah’s witness has failed to persuade two courts that his beliefs should have excluded him from being subjected to a blood test. The context was a situation in which the 41-year-old had “blew insufficiently” three times into a police breathalyzer.

Frustrated agents took him to the nearest hospital where he cited his religion for refusing a blood test.

Magistrates on appeal have maintained the man’s fine and driving ban, saying not only had he NOT proved that he really is a Jehovah’s Witness, but he had also “distorted the facts” as related by arresting police officers.

The man has thus got to pay-up €900 (the original fine) and remain off the road, on motorised wheels at least, for the next six months.

As local news site mediotejo explains, Jehovah’s Witnesses believe their blood is sacred and strictly linked to the soul.