Dream-come-true for Pathy?

Anyone who has been following our stories on brave young double-amputee mum, Pathyielli (Pathy) Souza will know that the last time the Resident wrote about her she was back on her feet with the aid of prosthetic legs – and finally believing her “greatest dream of all” was in reach.
Pathy, who lost both legs and parts of six fingers as a result of sepsis following a tick bite, wants to work.
“I need to feel useful again. Socially included,” she tells us simply.
It is incredibly important to her – and real hope now seems to be on the horizon.
“The President of the Casa do Povo de Messines has promised me a job,” Pathy reveals. “He has asked me for various documents, as this type of employment is subsidised by the Government under a scheme for the hiring of disabled people. Now, I am just waiting to hear what next.”
She has been waiting for two months.
As the Resident went to press, we were trying to contact José Carlos de Sousa Araújo, president of Messines’ Casa do Povo, to hear what kind of work Pathy will be doing, and when she can start.