Dreaded camper vans

Dear Editor,
Sorry to drag up the subject again and appreciate that unless the Portuguese Government does something to make camping illegal unless on recognised sites, then we residents will have to put up with these “free loaders” i.e. no rent, no rates, no camping fees.
However, the following disgusts me and highlights that health and safety and the wellbeing of the residents mean nothing to these illegal scum bags.
On the way to Praia São Rafael, there is a double parking bay at the rear of the CS Atlantic Hotel – a Dutch van has been camped there for over a week and not moved.
Therefore, what is happening to his household waste, excrement and urine? I feel that the first two items are chucked over the nearest wall, but the following sightings have proved where the urine goes – Wednesday, February 12 at 11am I saw the owner urinating up the lamp post by his van and Thursday, February 13 at 07.45am I saw the same man urinating on the waste ground close to his van.
This is disgusting and PLEASE PLEASE government members and locals get together and ban these dirty b***** before we all become ill due to their filth.
Richard James, Albufeira