Drastic changes in new draft for euthanasia law

Drastic changes are being made to parliament’s continued attempts to pass a law decriminalising assisted suicide/ ‘euthanasia’. When the latest draft comes up for debate in parliament on March 31 it is understood (by Público) that clauses will call for ‘self-administration’ of the lethal injection – unless the person wishing to die is too physically incapacitated to do this, in which case it can be administered by a doctor who will have had to attest to the fact that the patient is incapable of injecting himself/ herself. According to reports, this new stipulation “configures a significant reduction in the scope of medically assisted death, and seeks to respond to arguments of President Marcelo and the Constitutional Court who considered the previous draft-law unconstitutional. The new version of the text however continues to be worked on by political parties ahead of the March 31 debate date.