Dramatic sea rescue saves life of shellfisherman in Aljezur

A shellfisherman had a lucky escape on Saturday after falling into the sea at Ponta da Atalaia, in Aljezur, and struggling to stay afloat for 20 minutes.

Two friends gathering ‘percebes’ (goose barnacles) managed to winch him back onto the rocks as they waited for help from an Air Force helicopter.

According to Correio da Manhã the sea was too rough for rescue boats to be scrambled.

The fisherman, named as José Leonor from nearby Vale da Telha, lost consciousness shortly after being dragged out of the water, and was described as having gone into shock.

He suffered various bruises and a suspected fracture to his leg.

Once the helicopter arrived, Leonor was airlifted to hospital as his friends made their way back to dry land.

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Photo: Ponta da Atalaia, Aljezur