Dozens of council officials under suspicion as Operation Ether reaches ‘accusations stage’

Operation Ether – which hit the headlines exactly a year ago – has now assembled no less than 60 council officials, all of them under suspicion in one way or other of involvement in an allegedly fraudulent scheme involving the diversion of subsidies for touristic projects. Say reports this week, PJ police in Porto and public prosecutors are “closing the investigation” and an accusation “should be known in the coming days”.

Ether began with the high-profile arrest and detention of leading members of Turismo do Porto e do Norte de Portugal (TPNP) – among them the agency’s president Melchior Moreira.

Melchior Moreira has been held in preventive custody ever since.

Also cited in this investigation that spans the areas of Porto, Gaia, Matosinhos, Lamego, Viseu and Viana do Castelo are various ‘business people’ (click here).