Down's syndrome swimmer appeals for "World Cup" support

Donations || Filipe Santos, one of the Algarve’s most successful disabled athletes, is seeking sponsors to help pay for his coach to accompany him to an international swimming competition in Mexico, often considered the ‘World Cup’ of swimming for the handicapped.
The 26-year-old with Down’s syndrome backed by O2 Portimão needs €2,500 to pay for the coach’s travel costs. If the target is not reached, the pledge is that all donations will be returned.
“Filipe does not have a father and he has a deep connection with his coach Paulo Sousa,” a spokesperson for O2 Portimão explained. “He needs Paulo’s help to achieve his goals.”
Filipe and Paulo have been working together for the past six years, winning numerous medals and reaching high-ranking spots in both national and international competitions.
Their next step is the World Championship, where they hope to fight for the top three spots in different swimming categories.
But while Filipe’s travel costs have already been backed by sponsors, O2 does not have the means to send Paulo along as well.
Anyone who would like to help can contact Graça Sousa from O2 Portimão via:
965 200 163 | [email protected]