Douglas and the healers

INTERNATIONAL HEALER and medium, Douglas Ballard, returns to the Algarve on June 5, but this time he has a special mission apart from his popular individual sessions of healing and readings. For just under a year, he has been working with two groups of trainee healers and now the time has arrived for their assessments.

Two assessors will be arriving from England to conduct the exams. All those who pass will become fully registered healers under the auspices of one of the UK’s major healing associations, Kent Healers. This recognised qualification allows the healers to work within the UK National Health System. It is precisely this same training scheme, which is being adopted by other EU countries as their blueprint for bringing natural healing into the mainstream medical system.

The Algarve has produced the first batch of qualified healers outside of the UK. There is considerable excitement in England to think that the discipline of natural healing is spreading.

As usual, Douglas will be available for private consultations at the Faust centre in Quarteira (call 289 301 356 or 919 437 377) and in Lagos (call Judy Sharp on 966 108 605).