Double standards

SOMETIMES I feel sick to the stomach being part of the human race. Envy, fear and ignorance have been responsible for many unspeakable injustices in our history. Who can ever find a justification for the appalling practice of slavery? The ‘Madrid Episode’ last week was an aberration, a throw back to times supposedly gone by. The attitude that surfaced during England’s match in Spain is deplorable and to this observer entirely indefensible.

Football is a game that has apparently been one of the pioneers in combating discrimination. Pele is revered; Eusebio, Brendan Batson, Garth Crooks, Justin Fashanu, Viv Anderson, Laurie Cunningham and Thierry Henry, to mention but a few – has it all been in vain? Do we suffer from double standards, partial vision, or what? Does our skin type decide our human standing?

I was born in Nigeria, yet my skin is a pallid shade of white. On occasions like this, I wish I was black!