Double-amputee mum gets ‘dream come true’

It was touch and go at points along the line, but the Resident can now report that brave double-amputee mum Pathyelli (“Pathy”) Sousa de Nascimento has at last got the job she has been waiting for.

As we have variously reported since last year, 31-year-old Pathy wanted nothing more than the chance to show her worth after getting back on her feet thanks to prosthetic legs, issued by Portimão Hospital (see:

The brave young mother-of-one was determined to break out of the four walls that had become her prison since losing her legs and six fingers to septicaemia following tick fever.

Months ago, she was told she would get work at São Bartolomeu de Messines’ Casa do Povo, on a work programme subsidised by the IEFP employment centre.

But the ins and outs of getting that work seemed to develop at a snail’s pace.

Pathy got so desperate she called the Resident to find out if we could do anything to help.

We managed to make ourselves supremely unpopular – both with the administrative board at the Casa do Povo and with the IEFP centre in Portimão.

But the happy upshot of our persistence was that Pathy got the news she had been waiting for last week.

“I am writing to you for the best reason,” she told us on Friday. “I start work on Monday. I am very happy for this positive result. I thank you immensely for your help. Thank you!”

It was perhaps the best news the Resident has had to report for weeks.

Pathy tells us she will be working in the “administrative section” and on reception.

By NATASHA DONN [email protected]