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Doom and gloom

Dear Editor,

I have just been having a conversation with an elderly gentleman who has read your article “Eurogeddon” in the December 23 issue and quite frankly is very disturbed by it.  He says he has not been able to sleep worrying about what might happen to him.

I must say I have noticed in the past that your paper does seem to spread the doom and gloom when at this time I think we should all be trying to encourage visitors, not frighten them away.

Perhaps you could designate one of your many reporters to cheering people up with stories of good things happening in the Algarve.

Brian Carter, Almancil

Editor’s note: Dear Brian, thank you for your comments. Our story was not intended to disturb readers but simply to state what had been reported in the UK press. The comment we received from the British Embassy in Lisbon said:  “There is no particular focus on a contingency plan to evacuate British nationals from Portugal.” As a newspaper, we have to report on the good and bad even if at times the bad concerns readers. However, I think we can be proud of our very active and charitable community that cheers us up every day with reports of their achievements, which we publish weekly.