Don’t use your husband’s putter without being fitted

By Graham Stewart

Last month Sharon came to me with putting problems. She told me she was struggling with distance control and felt uncomfortable.

Her husband had given her a new putter. Well, in fact, it was one of his old ones. Although the putter was of good quality, it was far too long for her. The putter was 35 inches, a standard length for a men’s putter. Sharon is 5’2” 159cms. She was holding so far down the grip she was on the metal.

She told me that the putter would also get stuck in her jumper sometimes. She had tried holding the club without gripping down, but then the ball was too far from her and not under her eyes. I gave her a shorter putter to try and the results were immediate. The setup and posture were much better.

We agreed to shorten her putter by three-and-a-half inches and install a larger grip, which was more comfortable.

Now her arms could hang freely the stroke became much better.

Yesterday Sharon had 41 points in the competition and reduced her handicap by two. She told me that she had never putted so well.

You wouldn’t wear your husband’s shoes or trousers to play golf, so don’t use his putter unless it fits.

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