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Don’t share your bed with unwanted guests

A new business in the Algarve is offering bug extermination services for the home as well as car valeting.

Algar Aqua Vac, based in Lagoa but operating across the Algarve, opened recently and aims to improve the hygiene of homes in the region, particularly bedrooms.

Owner Claire Gillings told the Algarve Resident: “Did you know your bedroom is the most unhygienic room in your house? The common bedbug (Cimex lectularius) is the best adapted to human environments and feeds on you!”

The Algarve Aqua Vac team uses professional Karcher™ products. “Using our spray extraction cleaners on your mattresses, sofas or rugs, we kill bed bugs, mites and fleas for up to nine months. After the application of the solution to both sides of your mattress, it is dry within about one hour and will be free from all the dust, dead skin as well as removing most stains, leaving your bed as fresh as it was when it was new,” said Claire Gillings.

The company also offers a deep clean operation on sofas, carpets and rugs with a detergent that contains anti allergy and anti bacterial ingredients removing grease, oil and dust.

Meanwhile, car valeting has been one of the most popular services provided by Algar Aqua Vac, where the team deep cleans all the upholstery, seats, carpets and side panels, high shines the plastic, wood or leather and leaves the cockpit looking and smelling like new.

On the outside the vehicle will be jet-washed and polished to produce a smearless showroom finish.

For more information, please call 282381576 / 935728692. visit