Don’t miss Monchique’s traditional sausage fair .jpg

Don’t miss Monchique’s traditional sausage fair

ONCE AGAIN, Monchique will be the setting for the Feira dos Enchidos Tradicionais, an event showcasing sausages made from traditional recipes, taking place this weekend (March 4 and 5).

As well as the delicious sausages, visitors will have the opportunity to taste other typical produce from the mountains including desserts, honey and liqueurs. There will also be a display of locally made handicrafts. The now popular gastronomy show will be supported by key restaurants in the borough, namely Palmeirinha dos Chorões, A Casa da Nora, A Charrete, Ofernando, Teresinha, O Luar da Fóia, Jardim das Oliveiras and Quinta de São Bento.

Over the two-day event, there will be plenty of entertainment on offer including displays by folklore troupes and a performance by famous Portuguese impersonator Fernando Pereira, whose show is set to begin at 7pm on Sunday.