“Don’t buy a diesel car”, says environment minister: “It makes no sense”

Blowing what will be another deep wound in Portugal’s diesel car market, environment minister João Pedro Matos Fernandes has said it makes no sense anymore for anyone to buy one.

Speaking in an interview published in Jornal de Negócios today (Monday), Matos Fernandes said that “homes and condominiums have to prepare to install charging points in their garages”, for electric-powered vehicles.

Anyone buying a diesel car will see that its second-hand value will be “very little” in four or five years time, he warned.

Explaining Portugal is already doing everything it can to promote the sense behind ‘buying electric’ (subsidies stand at €2,250 per vehicle), Matos Fernandes admitted that very soon the ‘free vehicle charging points’ distributed around the country would start requiring drivers to pay.

This is because “there are lots of problems with maintaining these points, precisely because they are free”, he told interviewers.