Donate cartridges to bombeiros

LAGOA bombeiros are organising a campaign to collect old computer printer toners and ink cartridges and convert them into cash.

A spokesperson for the bombeiros revealed that the volunteer firefighters have signed an agreement with the Recobarlavento and Recuperação de Consumíveis de Informática Lda in Portimão, a company that collects recyclable computer devices.

All cartridges and printer toners handed in will be recycled and exchanged for money, which will be donated to the brave firefighters. If you have computer toners or empty cartridges, you can hand them in at the Bombeiros Voluntários headquarters in Lagoa or at the Recobarlavento building in Portimão.

“Not only are we contributing towards a cleaner environment, we are also raising money for a good cause. The contributions will go towards equipment to help in preventing forest fires. We invite the Algarvean community to help us,” the spokesperson explained.

• For more information, call Recobarlavento on 282 426 000 or Lagoa bombeiros headquarters on 282 352 393.