Dona Niza Arinto 2019 crowned Algarve’s top wine

Dona Niza Arinto 2019, a wine made in Lagoa by Obserpolis, has become the first white wine to receive gold at the Algarve Wine Contest, held in Lagoa on May 6.

It was awarded the ‘Grand Gold Medal’ (Grande Medalha de Ouro), which singles out the wine that most impressed the jury during the competition.

Another 42 wines were also awarded, with 28 receiving silver medals and 15 receiving gold. Organisers highlight, nonetheless, that most of the 135 participating wines received scores of 82 points or higher, which they say is proof of the “evolving quality of Algarve wines”.

The Algarve’s native grape variety, Negra-Mole, also enjoyed a successful contest, as three wines that use it were awarded medals – two reds and a rosé.

All in all, organisers highlighted that there was a 20% increase in the number of wines tasted and a 30% increase in the number of participating winemakers.

Meanwhile, the makers of the Dona Niza Arinto 2019 wine were congratulated by Lagoa Mayor Luís Encarnação.

“This is without a doubt a great quality wine that Lagoa has to offer to those who seek us as a tourist destination. I would also like to congratulate all the other award-winning wines of Lagoa,” said the mayor.

Here’s the full list of awarded wines:

Grand Gold Medal:
• Dona Niza Arinto 2019 (Obserpolis – Lagoa)

Gold Medal:
• Paxá Negra Mole Tinto 2019 (Paxá Wines – Silves)
• Marquês dos Vales Grace Vineyard Tinto 2014 (Quinta dos Vales – Lagoa)
• Lagoa Reserva Branco 2019 (Única Adega Cooperativa do Algarve – Lagoa)
• Helwigus Reserva Tinto 2019 (Helwig C. Ehlers – Santa Bárbara de Nexe)
• Quinta da Tôr Algibre Reserva Tinto 2015 (TURINOX – Loulé)
• Vida Nova Tinto 2015 (Adega do Cantor – Albufeira)
• Herdade Barranco do Vale Branco Sauvignon Blanc 2019 (Herdade Barranco do Vale – São Bartolomeu de Messines)
• Quinta da Penina Tinto Reserva 2017 (A.A.C. – Alcantarilha)
• Villa Alvor Negra Mole Tinto 2019 (Aveleda)
• Quinta do Rogel Tinto 2020 (Rogelastro)
• Quinta da Tôr Syrah 17% Tinto 2019 (TURINOX)
• Al-Mudd Rosé 2020 (Sul Composto)
• Vida Nova Tinto Reserva 2017 (Adega do Cantor)
• Quinta do Barradas Reserva Tinto 2018 (Rotas Seculares)
• Foral de Portimão Tinto Petit Verdot 2017 (A.A.C)

Silver Medal:
• Quinta do Francês Branco 2019 (Patrick Agostini)
• Quinta dos Capinhas Antão Vaz 2020 (Lieberwirth)
• Dialog Tinto 2014 (Quinta dos Vales)
• Arvad Rosé 2020 (Agropecuária, Rio Arade)
• Às Claras Tinto 2018 (Essential Passion)
• Al-Ria Reserva Tinto 2017 (Casa Santos Lima)
• Quinta da Tôr Blend Tinto 2018 (TURINOX)
• Quinta do Barradas Tinto 2018 (Rotas Seculares)
• Quinta do Rogel Branco 2020 (Rogelastro)
• Rabo de Galo Reserva Tinto 2018 (Casa Santos Lima)
• Quinta da Tôr Algibre Grande Reserva Tinto 2017 (TURINOX)
• Falésia Branco 2020 (Falésia Wine)
• Villa Alvor Rosé 2019 (Aveleda)
• Sete Cavaleiros do Castelo Tinto 2019 (Casa Santos Lima)
• Paxá Tinto 2018 (Paxá Wines)
• Vale de Parra Tinto 2019 (Quinta da Malaca)
• Quinta dos Capinhas Branco Colheita 2020 (Lieberwirth)
• Despedida Rosé 2020 (Casa Santos Lima)
• Monte das Laranjeiras Reserva Tinto 2018 (Torre da Penina)
• Helwigus Branco 2020 (Helwig C. Ehlers)
• Cabrita Tinto 2017 (José Manuel Cabrita)
• Quinta do Barradas Reserva Syrah Tinto 2018 (Rotas Seculares)
• Villa Alvor Branco 2019 (Aveleda)
• Quinta da Tôr Reserva Tinto 2016 (TURINOX)
• Quinta do Francês Syrah Terraços Tinto 2018 (Patrick Agostini)
• Falésia Tinto 2019 (Falésia Wine)

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