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Dolphin therapy in the Algarve

A man simply known as Robiyn, has established a new project, near Albufeira, which uses dolphins to help people solve problems and achieve greater happiness. He had great success with a similar workshop, based in Costa Rica and is keen to help the residents of the Algarve achieve inner peace using the calming effects of these sea mammals.

Robiyn was born in India, in 1948, but came to Portugal at the age of 11, where he developed a great love for the culture and people. Although now based in Brazil, he travels all over the world, giving seminars and speeches on various subjects. With his vast amount of life experience, having travelled to more than 100 countries, he set up an organisation, Renaskigi, which means “to achieve rebirth from within”. He promotes the idea of past lives and the influences they exert on our present and future. The company explores methods of relaxation, mental dialogue, human energy recycling, as well as reshaping the past, present and future. Robiyn has a particular interest in regression therapy and has a working knowledge of 64 languages and dialects. With a rare thirst for knowledge, he has accumulated many degrees and qualifications, and has been a translator, author and teacher, as well as a television and radio presenter.

Robiyn encourages people to think ‘outside the box’ in order to resolve problems in life, with a goal of living in harmony in your environment. He has conducted seminars on drug addiction, dealing with change, empowerment, self-esteem and more. Robiyn teaches alternative methods to bring about practical and immediate results in all walks of life, on a personal or professional basis. He has helped many people achieve healthier living, improved family relations, and communication between administrators and their staff. His advice can be successfully applied to all, making no distinction between different belief systems, religions, races or political inclinations.

Dolphin therapy is a form of treatment for people, with and without disabilities, to resolve life issues and problems. It dates back to the 1950s, when Dr. John Lilly studied the effects of dolphins on individuals with disabilities. A popular theory is that the dolphin’s use of sonar can increase attention span, develop motor skills and co-ordination in humans. It is also believed that interacting with them helps people relax and enables them to learn. As a result, many people develop greater self-confidence, improved social skills, depression is alleviated and studies have shown that it can also boost the immune system. The therapy stimulates production of endorphins and hormones, which can enhance recovery and reduce pain.

The new workshops in the Algarve will take place over two days. The first day will be spent on the beach, where ideas, problems and experiences will be shared, similar to group therapy. Robiyn will listen and offer advice when necessary, but is adamant that he is not there to teach. Acting as a guide, he will help you in the right direction and stop you “hitting those same brick walls”. He will then perform mind exercises with the group to facilitate telepathic responses, which is a helpful technique to use when making contact with dolphins the following day. Apparently, the more open and trusting the mind, the more receptive the dolphins will be.

The first day will serve as an introduction to dolphin therapy, and an assessment of the different problems or issues members of the group are faced with will also be made. Robiyn will share his methods of relaxation and ways to solve problems with a cool head. The second day consists of a boat trip to locate dolphins and, while this is taking place, Robiyn will be discussing ideas, as well as practicing the mind exercises from the previous day. Once dolphins have been found, the group will venture into the sea and begin to initiate contact. In the past, groups have usually spent around five hours playing with the dolphins, but the amount of time depends on the bond established with them. The next workshops will take place on July 22/23 and August 5/6.

For more information, e-mail [email protected] or call Carlos, his English speaking assistant, on 938 821 848. To read more about Robiyn’s other seminars and workshops, go to or visit