Dolphin adventures

Dolphin adventures

Artist BJ Boulter’s stunning sculpture “A waste of a dolphin” – designed to highlight the scourge of plastic waste in our oceans – got a VIP trip to Porto do Mós in Lagos on Monday, to celebrate the hoisting of coveted Blue Flags on five Lagos’ beaches.

The sculpture was carried through the town on the back of a flatbed truck, at one point losing its dorsal fin to overhanging tree branches.

But in the end, it reached its destination in time for the ceremony that saw sinuous belly-dancers put on a dramatic show of ‘the good and the bad’ ongoing at sea.

Now back at its exhibition spot at Lagos Marina, Pontoon J, the dolphin is scheduled to stay in place till July 12, at which point more adventures are planned further east along the coast.

Meantime, the message coming out of last Monday’s ceremony was that Lagos is committed to keeping its beaches clean, its sea clear and ‘accessibility’ to those with limited mobility an overriding priority.