Doing Business in Portugal

THE DOING Business in Portugal seminar was just what new and established businesses needed.

Hosted by Chris Plumb, director of Platina Consultancy, the seminar, recently held at Hotel Náutico in Armação de Pêra, attracted numerous and varied business people from across the Algarve. The two guest speakers, Dra Filomena Ramilo, a well-known chartered accountant and tax advisor, and Dra Cristina Marcelino, an established lawyer, explained how to organise and conduct business affairs professionally, yet to maximum tax advantage while remaining within the Portuguese Law.

Giving updated and detailed explanations of tax laws and licensing requirements in relation to property development, villa management and the tourist industry, meant delegates could easily understand what was required of them to run an efficient and profitable business, without possibly incurring future investigations by the Portuguese authorities for errors in accounting or licensing.

As Chris Plumb said: “Why run a business, without taking professional advice, especially in Portugal?”

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