Doing business in Portugal seminar

More than 50 people attended the seminar Doing Business in Portugal – How to Cope with the Portuguese Tax System for 2011 on March 24 at Vale do Lobo.

The main tax and labour law changes in 2011 raised the most interest among attendees, particularly the topics of green receipts, social security taxes and offshore.

“The changes for 2011 are too many and too important. It’s essential at this point that all investors are informed,” said Filomena Ramilo from the Moneris Group, who led the seminar.

“Nowadays, accountancy services are not enough. Business people need a tax consultant who will be able to explain how they can legally save tax money. A matter that certainly concerns everyone who has a business.” Dedicated to accountancy and tax consultancy for over 25 years, Filomena Ramilo has been helping foreign investors in Portugal via these seminars.

In December, Filomena Ramilo’s accountancy firm, Granja CCF, joined the Moneris Group. Rui Almeida, CEO of Moneris Group, said that these events aim to help the many foreign investors living in the Algarve, whose economy is mainly supported by tourism.