Doing Business in Portugal, a forthcoming seminar in Algarve

news: Doing Business in Portugal, a forthcoming seminar in Algarve

DO YOU want your business to be a success?Then you’d better get down to the Doing Business in Portugal seminar at the Hotel Náutico in Armação de Pêra on November 14 from 9am until 4pm, hosted by Dra Filomena Ramilo, chartered accountant and tax adviser, and managing director of the Granja Centro Empresarial, based in Sintra .

This seminar (delivered in English) is specifically tailored to meet the needs of existing business owners and those looking to set up a firm here in Portugal, providing key information to ensure its success.

The procedure for legalising businesses at the Finanças depends on the company’s activity, its span (within Portugal only or activities abroad, including exports), gross turnover and number of employees, among other factors. Different methods for legalisation will be explained and delegates will also be provided with useful information about taxation and the different percentages applied to the company profits. In addition, helpful guidelines will be discussed for tax exemption.

With regards to staffing, the complexities of labour contracts and using freelancers will be explained by lawyer, Dra. Alice Paço Ferreira. This section of the seminar will also cover government subsidies. For example, were you aware that there is a subsidy available of around 150 euros a month for companies which recruit young graduates? No taxes are paid, and the employee receives at least 800 euros per month net, most of which is subsidised by the government. Under this programme, if the employer is unhappy with the individual’s performance, it can dismiss the employee during the 10 month working period without having to pay compensation.

The government’s budget for 2006 will make several changes for tax purposes, and business-people need to be aware of these changes and the subsidies available.

As a chartered accountant and tax adviser, Dra. Filomena keeps her clients updated with all the changes in the law, making the necessary adjustments in accounting and for fiscal affairs, as and when required.

Also, as professional training is obligatory within all companies, Economist, Dr.Jorge Scharfhausen will be invited to talk on this issue.

In her next article, Dra. Filomena will be providing a brief resumé about one of the biggest problems for business in Portugal: increments for personal property – evidence of wealth.

With 26 years experience in her field, Dra. Filomena has a wealth of knowledge at her fingertips, and guarantees that this seminar will be very helpful for all business owners, whatever the size of their company.

To book your place at the seminar, call 219 239 190, fax 219 239 199 or E-mail [email protected] by November 7. The seminar is priced at 60 euros and includes an information pack plus tea and coffee.