Doing business in Portugal

news: Doing business in Portugal

SOME SAY that she eats, sleeps and breathes taxes and, after speaking to Dra Filomena Ramilo, a very well known chartered accountant and tax adviser based in Sintra, with an office in Armação de Pêra in the Algarve, that statement certainly rings true. She started her business, the Granja Centro Empresarial over 26 years ago, providing high quality accountancy and tax advising services to all types of companies in every sector of the business world.

Dra Filomena Ramilo is the driving force behind the company and her enthusiasm is evident from the way she speaks about her specialised field.

The Granja Centro Empresarial deals with foreign business, from north to south, large and small, to enable companies to set up, run and extend legally by maximising their full business potential. Granja covers a range of businesses, multinationals to individually run firms, and represents over 20 nationalities, from the US and Canada to the UK, Holland and China, to name a few.

With all the laws, lack of information and loopholes in Portuguese bureaucracy, many first-time businessmen and women are at a loss as to how they can maximise their profits and minimise taxes legally. That is where Dra Filomena Ramilo comes in with her seminar ‘Doing Business in Portugal’. As well as being the managing director of her company, a mother of two, a gym enthusiast and a life-loving woman, Dra Filomena attends conferences on tax every year and leads seminars throughout Portugal, in English, to pass on her wealth of knowledge.

On November 14, from 9am to 4pm, she and two other speakers will be hosting a seminar centred on how to cope with the Portuguese tax system, maximising profits and minimising taxes legally under the new laws for 2006. Held at the Hotel Náutico in Armação de Pêra, the seminar will address areas such as IRS tax for individuals, IRC tax for companies, IVA and a whole host of other areas concentrated around the tax laws of 2006.

• To book your place at the seminar, call 219 239 190, fax 219 239 199 or email [email protected] by November 7. The day costs 60 euros and included in the price will be an information pack and coffee.