Dogs were poisoned

SEVERAL DOGS have been victim to poisoning in Guia and Algoz, suspected to have been put down by hunters.

Two Dalmatians were killed on December 13, after coming into contact with a very fast acting poison in the Guia countryside. The following day, three more dogs were killed in a rural area of Algoz.

According to local vet Kirsten Peters, the poison is very concentrated and “meant to kill”. Dogs who take in the poison will start trembling, experience respiratory problems, start drooling heavily and then collapse within minutes.

If this happens to your animal, you must try to make it vomit by squirting a high concentration of salt and water into the mouth and then contact a vet immediately.

The GNR have been alerted and are investigating the matter. The owner of the Dalmatians highlighted the evil and irresponsibility of those behind the cruel actions: “it shows a complete disregard for all forms of life.”